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At Entheos Labs, we are committed to transforming the future of mental health and making improvements to the quality of our conscious experience.

Through our research we hope to expand our understanding of consciousness. We believe psychedelic materials hold a key to unlocking large parts of this understanding.

Changing the future of mental health treatment through advancing the neuroscience of psychedelic medicines.

Entheos Labs is dedicated to discovering, developing, and deploying groundbreaking psychedelic-medicines to address unmet medical needs. We are focused on developing innovative treatments that are designed to help those who suffer from mood, anxiety, trauma-based, and substance use disorders.

Founding Team

Tristan Edwards-WEB.jpg

Tristan Edwards

Chief Executive Officer 

Jerry Rosenbaum-WEB.jpg

Jerry Rosenbaum

Chief Medical Advisor

Steve Haggerty-WEB.jpg

Steve Haggarty

Chief Science Advisor

Surya Reis-WEB.jpg

Surya Reis

Strategy & Neuroscience Advisor

Jacob Hooker-WEB.jpg

Jacob Hooker

Director, Translational Biomarkers

Management Team

Tristan Edwards-WEB.jpg

Tristan Edwards

Chief Executive Officer 

Brian Malone-WEB.jpg

Brian Malone

Chief Financial Officer

Lester Fagen-WEB.jpg

Les Fagen

Outside General Counsel

Darrick Balu-WEB.jpg

Darrick Balu

Chief Scientific Officer

Frances Toneguzzo-WEB.jpg

Frances Toneguzzo

IP Portfolio and Strategy

Nick Boivin-WEB.jpg

Nick Boivin

IP Portfolio and Strategy

Meryl Christopher-WEB.jpg

Meryl Christopher

Business Manager and Executive Assistant

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