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Through careful cultivation of specific psychedelics, extensive research and pioneering clinical trials, we aim to better understand and improve mental health outcomes.

Now is the time to have a significant impact on patient populations dealing with a growing mental health crisis.

​Concerns regarding mental health have been amplified throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The demand for more effective, faster, and safer therapies has become clear.

Entheos Labs is committed to meeting this demand by collaborating with a world leading academic medical center ranked as the No. 1 research hospital in America. Our objective is to develop a pipeline of new medicines derived from psychedelic materials that have yet to be explored by science.

Entheos has brought together a team of top-tier scientific experts and accomplished business leaders, collaborating with renowned university and hospital researchers to successfully achieve our goals.

Numerous plant varieties have been documented to possess distinct and potent psychedelic properties. However, the current focus has been primarily on plants with limited chemical diversity, overlooking the potential of many psychedelics with ethnobotanical histories. This offers an untapped opportunity for discovering novel mechanisms of action and applications.

World Class Facilities

We are partnering with the world’s leading hospitals and universities. Our team of pioneering researchers and advisors are experts in ethnopharmacology, mechanism of neuroplasticity, neuroimaging, and drug development. Their expertise allows us to continuously evolve, discovering new chemical entities to build an extensive library of active novel compounds.

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