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Entheos Labs will be creating a pipeline of new chemical entities from a variety of psychedelic materials and compounds.  One of our key goals is to unlock the therapeutic potential of these materials and compounds to address large unmet medical needs in mental healthcare.

Entheos Labs will be using a world leading academic neuroimaging center to map for the first time how these newly studied psychedelics interact with the brain.

There are multiple documented plant varieties with strong, unique psychedelic properties.

From a curated set of existing psychedelic molecules that could make both a major impact on mental health and have unrealized commercialization potential, ET-01 was prioritized for clinical development. ET-01 is a synthetic derivate of a natural product, that was selected based on safety, tolerability, and user-experience profile. 

 ET-01 is being developed with a novel formulation and delivery method that we believe will generate an optimal target product profile.

We are investigating the medicinal potential of psychedelic plants that have remained enigmatic in terms of active principles and underlying targets and mechanisms. 

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